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Étude de cas

Image 3 barrages, une île

3 barrages, une île

Smartec provided a turn-key service of Structural Health Monitoring SHM for three of the six dams on Jersey Island: Val de La Mare, Handois and Grand Vaux.

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Image Échangeur Turcot

Échangeur Turcot

The Turcot Interchange is a freeway interchange within the city of Montreal that links highways 15, 20, and 720.

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Thanks to the measurements obtained with the SOFO system, it will be possible to follow the behavior of the structure when boats dock at the pier.

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Image Luzzone Chamber- Étude de cas

The tunnel is used as compensation chamber for the Luzzone hydropower plant. Due the dam raising it was necessary to enlarge this chamber.

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The construction of the Champ Baly cut-and-cover tunnel served as a pilot project for the application of High Performance Concrete in Switzerland.

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Image Onnens Motorway A5 – Étude de cas

The cross-section of the tunnel consists of two concrete vaults. The length of the tunnel is 1230 m.

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Image Alptransit Buttresses -Étude de cas

To optimize the support and confining structures in this area, SMARTEC SA was asked to install SOFO sensors to monitor the buttresses at the tunnel entrance and the concrete lining inside the tunnel.

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Image Soumagne Tunnel – Étude de cas

The major project of the Belgian rail way at the beginning of 21 century is the construction of a new high-speed railroad from Brussels via Liege and Aachen to Cologne.

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