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Naval Structural Health Monitoring Systems

Structural health monitoring allows rapid assessment of a ship’s health. The data resulting from the monitoring system can be used to improve the efficiency of loading /unloading operations, maintenance, repair, and replacement of the structure based on reliable and objective information. An important advantage of fiber-optic sensors compared to traditional sensors is the absence of electrical signals. Our fiber-optic technology uses optical signals, negating any risk of explosion due to short circuit.

We offer a unique array of fiber optic sensors covering all leading sensing technologies and can assist you in identifying the best products for your project and budget. We also offer engineering services to support you in the design, implementation and management of SHM systems of any size.

Benefits of our Integrated Naval Health Monitoring Solutions

  1. Integrated Solutions Provide integrated structural health monitoring solutions for ships using advanced fiber-optic technologies and/or conventional technologies.
  2. Ensure security and reduce insurance costs Provide structural health monitoring systems that can be installed on the hull of a ship to monitor the integrity of the structure, cargo, and passengers, while also reducing insurance premiums.
  3. Assess real-time ship conditions Structural health monitoring aims to provide more reliable data on current conditions of the structure, observe its evolution, and detect new degradation.
  4. Analyze design parameters Comparing design specifications with monitored data about
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