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SENSLOG 1000X Data Acquisition System




The SENSLOG datalogger is a turnkey system used for remote monitoring of virtually any type of instrument


The SENSLOG datalogger is a turnkey system used for remote monitoring of virtually any type of instrument. It offers a wide range of data retrieval options, from removable storage modules to cellular telephone, radio, and satellite. Once the instruments and the SENSLOG system are installed, site presence is not required. All functions can be controlled remotely.

The SENSLOG is well suited to logging data from instruments located in isolated, inaccessible or harsh environments that may also undergo extreme climatic changes. It offers reduced system costs, powerful software and efficient telecommunication links.

This system is supplied with a complete software package as well as custom, designed programs to gather, process, store, forward and analyze instrument data. The capacity of the SENSLOG can be expanded from its basic 16 channels of single-ended inputs.




Analog input 


  Number of channels 

8 differentials or up to 16 single-ended. Each differential channel may be configured as two single-ended channels 

  Channel expansion 

The RTX-MUX 16/32 multiplexer allows up to 32 single-ended channels to multiplex into four SENSLOG single-ended channels

Excitation output 



3 switched excitations, active during measurement, with one output active at a time. Non-active outputs are high impedance

Pulse counter 


  Number of pulse counter channels 

2 8-bit or 1 16-bit; software selectable

  Digital I/O ports 

8 ports, software selectable as binary inputs or control outputs 3 ports may be configured to count switch closures up to 40 Hz

System power requirements 



9.6 to 16 Vdc

  Typical current drain 

1 mA quiescent, 13 mA during processing, and 46 mA during analog measurement 


12 V. Several power supply options are available from the manufacturer Model CR2430 lithium battery (for clock and RAM backup) capacity: 270 mAh




41 × 36 cm

Basic kit (includes) 

12-V battery, RTS-127 charger, MCM CR-10 Additional room required for connectors


12 kg

Ordering Info

Roctest will assist you in selecting the right SENSLOG for your Data Acquisition System. Its modular construction will fit all your needs.

Please specify:

  • Number of channels
  • Type of power
  • Communication needs


Optional accessories:

Multiplexer: The RTX-MUX 16/32 multiplexer sequentially connects up to 32 sensors to the measurement and control module. The RTX-MUX 16/32 is housed in a weather resistant indoor/outdoor enclosure of fiberglass, baked enamelled steel or stainless steel.

Telephone modem: The COM220 is a modem employing the Hayes AT command set with user selectable baud rates of 9600 to115200 baud. Its primary use is a remote site modem connected to a SENSLOG datalogger. The modem is powered and enabled by the datalogger. When not active, the COM220 draws less than than 120 μA from the datalogger’s power supply. The COM220 is designed to be used with standard analog telephone lines only.

Short-haul modem: Two required. An asynchronous modem used for local communication between a SENSLOG datalogger and a computer with an RS-232 serial port. Uses an unconditioned 4-wire telephone line; operates at data rates up to 19200 baud.

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