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DiTeSt Reading Unit


Reliable and high performance Brillouin Interrogator (BODTA) for field applications.

Measure full strain and temperature profile over fiber optic sensing cables.


The DiTeSt is a unique tool for the evaluation of distributed strain and/or temperature over several tens of kilometers. It is a powerful diagnostic instrument for the identification and localization of potential problems. It allows the monitoring of local strain and temperature at thousands locations by mean of a single optical fiber and in just one measurement. Its inherent high stability and self-referenced principle of operation allows on-line or off-line long-term monitoring of large structures.
The DiTeSt is a laser-based measurement system using an optical scattering measurement principle within the sensing fiber: Stimulated Brillouin Scattering. It can operate using dedicated fibers and cables as sensing element. Stimulated Brillouin Scattering is an intrinsic physical property of the fiber material and provides information about the strain and temperature distribution actually experienced by the sensing fiber.
The DiTeSt provides 4 channels with fast and accurate strain and temperature measurements up to 60 km in BOTDA mode.
Multiple fibers can be automatically connected to the instrument through an integrated optical switch. The system includes an industrial PC and internal hard-disk storage, allowing great versatility in terms of connections. The integrated software is user-friendly and allows an easy setup of the parameter through the use of self-configuration wizards. The system can operate interactively or in automatic mode, gathering data according to a schedule.
Compatible with SMARTEC DiView software for automatic data management and visualization.


Technical Features

Number of channels: 

Default: 4 built-in channels

Sensor configuration:

Loop configuration (requires two fibers per channel)

Optical budget:

14 dB sensing (28 dB total loop loss budget)

Distance range (per channel):

60 km (120km max. total fiber loop distance)

Spatial resolution:

1 m to 20 m (by increment of 0.1 m)

Sampling resolution:

0.25 m (1 m at max. distance range)

Acquisition time:

1-5 minutes typical; 5 -15 minutes for high resolution measurements

Measurement range:

Brillouin Freq. Shift: 0.1 MHz ; Range from 9.5 GHz to 12.5 GHz Temperature : 0.1 °C ;  Range from -150 °C to +1000 °C (fiber dependent) Strain: 2 με ; Range > 5%  

Fiber typology:

Standard single mode optical fibers (ITU G.652, ITU G657, ITU G.655)

External Switch compatibility:

1 channel can be extended to up to 20 channels with DiTeSt Multiple Channel Optical Switch

Technical Specifications

Operating temperature:

0°C to 45°C


Max 95% non-condensing

Protection rating


Power supply:

100-240 VAC Typ. (90-264 VAC) / 50-60 Hz Typ. (47-63 Hz) / <150VA

Dimension (WxDxH):

449 x 500 x 177.8mm (19” rack mountable – 4U high)


15 kg

Communication options:

2 x Ethernet port (RJ45)

Optical connectors:

E-2000 / APC (rear panel)

Graphical interface:

Configuration Software and Data Viewer Software; DiView (Optional) automatic visualization, post-processing and alarming Software on external server

Operating system

LINUX- 64 bit OS on Solid State Drive (SSD)

Data storage:

Internal hard disk – (> 500 GB or more) or Optional Solid State Drive (SSD) (> 250 GB). Optional additional data storage – External data storage (SATA port on rear panel)

Data format:

Proprietary Database, Text Files

Laser safety:

DITEST products emit invisible infra-red radiation in the 1550 nm wavelength range classified to EN 60825-1 (2014) as Class 1M laser products

Ordering Info
  • 11.2020 DiTeSt Multiple Channel Optical Switch
  • 20.2010 DiView Data Management Software
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