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3DeMoN Autonomous Laser Distance Meter

The 3DeMoN laser system was designed to enable accurate and contactless distance measurements using the reflection of a laser beam.

It is a modular system including electronics, power supply, data communications devices and control software able to automatically and continuously monitor millimetric scale movements.

It also allows to measure hot or inaccessible surfaces, in harsh industrial environments or open air.


The 3DeMoN laser is an optical system that measures the flight time of a Class II visible red laser light beam, thus precisely calculating the distance between the module and any kind of surface.

For distances above 50 – 65m, the use of a reflective surface is recommended. Also the view finder accessory becomes mandatory to accurately track the reflective target position.

By connecting the module through an Ethernet protocol converter to a PC, the software configuration tool allows to set different measurement parameters into the module control electronics, to give remote commands and to store measured data.

Analog and digital configurable outputs make the 3DeMon easily integrable in many automated control systems.



Laser class II (<0.95mW)


± 1.5mm

Repeatability (typical)

± 0.4mm



Operating temperature /

-10°C to +50°C (optional extended temperature range -40°C to +50°C) at 95% RH

Applicable standards


Measurement ranges

0.05m to 150m or 0.5 to 500m (with high reflective surface target)

Power supply


Dimensions (L x W x H)

150 x 80 x 55mm

Connection interfaces

Serial interface RS232 or RS422 implemented by a standard Ethernet converter)

Ordering Info

Please specify:

  • The required measurement range (up to 150m or 500m),
  • The operating temperature range (standard or extended)
  • All the needed accessories such as reflective target, view finder, RS422 connection cable, etc.
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