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Case studies

The Hong Kong Airport expansion project, currently underway, involves major land reclamation works. In order to evaluate the mechanical properties of these newly constructed columns, pressuremeter testing were undertaken.

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Image San Salvatore Tunnel Monitoring (Switzerland)

A portion of the concrete lining of the SAN SALVATORE tunnel collapse in June 2017 due to water accumulation. It was decided to install distributed fiber optic sensors onto the tunnel liner for a continuous and automatic monitoring of the tunnel.

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The Oleoducto de Crudos Pesados Oil Pipeline (OCP) with its 485km in length and total capacity of 190,000b/d of crude oil runs from the Oriente Region oil fields to the Balao Oil Terminal in Esmeraldas, Ecuador.

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Image 3 Dams on an Island

3 Dams on an Island

Smartec provided a turn-key service of Structural Health Monitoring SHM for three of the six dams on Jersey Island: Val de La Mare, Handois and Grand Vaux.

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Image Monitoring the Kathryn Spirit

The Kathryn Spirit is a cargo ship currently docked in the Port of Beauharnois, 30 km from Montreal. A cofferdam had to be built around the ship to protect the St. Lawrence River from possible polution

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Image Emosson


The Emosson Dam is situated in the Swiss Alps, near the French border, 1930 meters above sea level, near the Swiss town of Martigny. The aim of the project was to develop a new, long sensor.

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