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Geotechnical Safety Monitoring Systems

The management of a geotechnical project requires a wide range of information gathered from sensors. This information is of vital importance for the correctbexecution of construction plans and refinement of soil models.

We are a leading expert in monitoring geotechnical structures during the construction phase and over a structure’s lifespan. We offer a wide variety of sensors utilizing leading-edge technology and can assist you in identifying the best products for your project and budget.

Benefits of our Integrated Geotechnical Monitoring Solutions

  1. Integrated solutions Provide integrated structural health monitoring solutions for geotechnical applications using advanced fiber-optic technologies and vibrating wire sensors.
  2. Initial site assessment instrumentation that allows for the comprehensive evaluation of site conditions during the design phase of a project.
  3. Construction Safety Protect workers, equipment and nearby structures.
  4. Reduce Construction Costs quantitative data that promotes design-cost optimization during construction.
  5. Long-term performance verification Employ the appropriate monitoring system to control all phases of construction.
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