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Building Structural Health Monitoring Systems

High-rise buildings, arenas/stadiums and historical monuments are complex structures. They are comprised of multiple elements and components that interact with one another and become stressed when exposed to external phenomena.

Structural health monitoring for the rapid assessment of the health of a building, and is recognized as one of the best means available to increase safety and optimize operational and maintenance activities of complex buildings. Reliable data from our monitoring systems allow owners to improve operations, maintenance, repairs, and identify the need to replace structures when obsolete. We are leading experts the monitoring of buildings during the construction stage and over a building’s lifespan.

We offer a wide variety of sensors using leading-edge technology and can assist you in identifying the best products for your project and budget

Benefits of our Integrated building structural Health Monitoring Solutions

  1. Integrated solutions Deliver complete solutions using fiber-optic technologies and other state of the art sensors.
  2. Increased safety of people, nature and property Detect performance degradation and receive warning signals on structures to help save lives and prevent property damage.
  3. Extend the lifetime of aging buildings Monitor buildings accurately to assess the current condition of the structure to determine whether repairs are needed.
  4. Added technological credits and prestige Install state-of-the-art fiber-optic monitoring systems adds valued high-tech design and up-to-date instrumentation technology to your building.
  5. Reduced insurance and maintenance costs Implement monitoring systems with high accuracy, reliability and robustness can decrease insurance premiums and maintenance costs.
  6. Quick access to building safety information after a major event Evaluate possible damage and failures caused by extraordinary events such as earthquakes, impacts, strong winds, storms or explosions immediately after the adverse event.
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