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Telemac was founded in 1947 by André Coyne to promote the use of vibrating wire strain meters within the Civil Engineering industry after his initial interest in the technology in 1928.  This technology was first installed on the BROMMAT dam (France) in 1930.Telemac offers a wide range of instruments (from traditional to fiber-optic technologies) to meet the most challenging measurement need of our clients.

Telemac has supplied monitoring instrumentation for analyzing more than 400 dams in 60 countries. In 1995, Électricité de France (EDF) installed over 3,300 Telemac strain meters to monitor their dam’s performance; today more than 90% of these strain meters are still in operation.

Telemac instruments are not only used for concrete and embankment dams but are also included in thousands of larger structures, including more than 250 bridges,  over 60 nuclear power plants, numerous pipeline, LNG and off-shore structure applications, as well as 130 hydroelectric and mine storage tunnels.  All these projects relied on Telemac to provide the most reliable, durable, and accurate monitoring and control instrumentation to meet challenging requirements.

Moreover, Telemac has acquired industry expertise in many aspects of project design and installation and has been supplying comprehensive monitoring systems best suited for our customers’ specific needs for decades. has archives of numerous plans, drawings, and information about several structures built in the last 70 years, from which it can draw information to better serve its current customers.

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